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Fly fishing

Rivier Kyll

The campsite in Kyllburg is known to many anglers for its many possibilities. However, only fly fishing is allowed on the Kyll.

With its calm watercourse and numerous shady pitches, the Kyll offers plenty of opportunities to try your luck. The special discipline ‘fly fishing’ is very popular.

In addition to fly fishing on the campsite, there are of course more possibilities in the region. The eifel is rich in water. There are many small rivers, waters and beautiful lakes, crater lakes and marshes. Many locations can and may be used for fly fishing, which makes the Eifel a paradise for fishing.

At the reception you can obtain official fishing permits, fishing articles and information.
More information about the available fishing licenses and regulations will soon be posted on this website.


Fishing in the Kyll is only allowed with FLY FISHING ROD. Fishing with a “normal” rod is NOT allowed!

Examples in the area are:

Stausee Bitburg

Beautiful reservoir in the south of the Eifel near Biersdorft, near Bitburg.

Schalkenmehrener Lake

One of the famous Dauer Lakes about 40 minutes drive from the campsite.

Meerfelder Lake

One of the largest lakes of the eifel located near the town of Meerfeld. Approximately 30 minutes drive from the campsite.

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